Pay NT$2,000+1720Bonus Points for one night stay in Ambassador Hotel Taipei-Premier room (Breakfast Excluded)
Prize Bonus: 1600   Prize Amount: 0

Redeem Quantity is limited!!

(Prize is restricted to pick up at The Ambassador Hotel or for domestic delivery only.)






























1. Reservation Require two weeks ahead.
2.Additional NT$2000 required upon check in.
3. This accommodation coupon cannot be reissue/sale/cash nor exchange to any other equal value items/services.
4. This coupon is invalid without embossed seal from the Ambassador Hotel Welcome Member Center
5. This voucher does not include breakfast.
6. Validity Date:coupon valid for three months from the date.
7. Blackout Dates:2016/1/1~1/3、2016/3/1~3/5、2016/4/29~5/8、2016/5/30~6/4 、2016/9/6~9/9、2016/
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