Ambassador Classic Pineapple Cakes(20 Cakes/box)
Prize Bonus: 600   Prize Amount: 0

In Taiwanese the words for “pineapple” sound like the words for “prosperous future.” Pineapples are therefore often used as auspicious symbols. Resembling little gold bars, pineapple pastry makes for a delicious gift with symbolic meaning to friends you want to wish well. The Ambassador Hotel’s Classic Pineapple Pastry is of the finest quality, with a soft and light outer shell and a delicious sweet and sour pineapple paste as filling.
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2. Redemption prize is restricted to pick up at The Ambassador Taipei/Hsinchu/Kaohsiung, or for domestic delivery only.

3. The process of gift exchange and shipping takes about 5 working days (excluding holidays).
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